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Often times we see cancer patients walk into our support meeting very reserved and leave with a smile, a new contact, or notes. This is the reason why we hold our support meetings! It brings us joy to see women feel unity and that they are not the only ones going through treatment. It is revitalizing to see a survivor mom give tips to cancer patient who is also a mom. These shared words of wisdom instill hope in the hearts of cancer patients that they are not alone and they do not have to face their cancer battle alone!


Proceeds from our 3rd Annual Race for Every Woman 5K Walk were designated to support Breast Cancer patients currently going through treatment in our community. ABCSS created a financial application for patients to fill out and submit a request for financial assistance. ABCSS analyzed the applications and took in considerations the applicant's household income, number of dependents, and stage of their cancer. ABCSS was able to provide financial assistance to two cancer patients. These women were so grateful to receive the assistance. The assistance relieved their financial burden so they can continue to focus on their path to recovery. These women will continue participating in our monthly support meetings and we hope to one day announce to the community of their full recovery!


Upcoming Schedule

Support Meeting Topic/Event:


- Yoga

- Bone Health After Treatment

- Late Effects of Cancer Therapy
- Nutrition
- Spirituality and Survivorship 
- Understanding Advanced Cancer, 

Metastatic Cancer, and Bone Metastasis
- Annual Picnic
- Survivors Lunch/Dinner
- Self-Care to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety 
- Holiday Get-Together


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How to Donate:


If you would like to donate monetarily, please use the Donate link below.





If you would like to donate new or lightly worn prosthesis you can mail or hand deliver to :

Alpha Breast Cancer Support Services 

9478 Abingdon Ct  

Manassas, VA 20109 · USA 


Hospitals in Eritrea and Ethiopia currently do not have any functioning mammography devices. With the support of community fundraisers such as the Annual 5K Walk, ABCSS is working towards achieving its ambitious goal of procuring and sending a functioning mammography device to each country. In the interim, we have been collecting items such as breast prostheses to support women after mastectomy procedures. With the assistance of Dianne’s Mastectomy (, we were able to gather donations of prostheses, bras, books, head scarves and swimsuits to donate to Oroto Hospital and Black Lion Hospital.

In December 2017, an ABCSS volunteer delivered the following collected items to Oroto Hospital in Eritrea:


1) Silicon Prostheses

2) Cloth Prostheses

3) Bra pads

4) Gently Used Bras

5) Swimsuit

6) Surgi-bra therapeutic breast support

7) Pink pockets for patients with drains after surgery

8) Head Scarfs

9) Anastroloze Medicine


The items were received by Dr. Yosef Tewolde

In January 2018, an ABCSS volunteer delivered the following collected items to Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia:

1) Silicon Prostheses

2) Bra pads

3) Book-What to Eat When You Are in Treatment

4) Swimsuit

5) Anastroloze Medicine


Second batch to be sent shortly.

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