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Passionate About Inspiring Others

After my diagnosis, I learned my late cousin and my best friend were both diagnosed with cancer. We teamed up together and joined a local support group. Our experience made us appreciate all the resources that were available to us here in the United States. We recognized the support for Breast Cancer patients is very limited in our native country. This inherent problem inspired and motivated me to find a way to give back.

With the support and encouragement of one of my friends, we decided to collaborate and form an organization to promote breast cancer awareness and support. Our first sponsored event as a group was a 5k walk/run, aimed at promoting awareness. Our first 5K walk in 2013 ended up being a tremendous success and we raised over $20,000. My faith and support network soon moved me to take on a larger role as an advocate for breast cancer support and awareness. This led to the creation of 

Alpha Breast Cancer Support Service (ABCSS). 

ABCSS is a breast cancer awareness non-profit organization that aims spread breast cancer awareness and to create strong links between organizations here in the United States and those in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • Our mission is to bring together the diaspora community to raise awareness and support for Eritrean and Ethiopian women who have experienced or currently battling breast cancer.

Short-term Goals
  • Create a support system through monthly meetings for women and their families to gather and openly discuss their concerns, treatment, and muster the courage to fight against Breast Cancer. The support group meetings “Missaley” will be located in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area but we will have teleconferencing capability for participants that are not located in the Washington metropolitan area

  • Collect donations to support women after mastectomy procedures such as breast prostheses, surgi-bra therapeutic breast support, bra pads, head scarves, swimsuits, books, etc. to donate to Oroto Hospital in Eritrea and Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia

  • Our vision is to create a world in which every woman has the education and resources available to detect, treat, and fight breast cancer.

Long-term Goals
  • Purchase mammography devices for hospitals in Eritrea and Ethiopia in hopes to lead to early detection:

    • Partner with a non-profit organization in the United States that can send volunteer radiologists to hospitals in Eritrea and Ethiopia to provide radiology training 

    • Partner with a local non-profit organization to spread breast cancer awareness and education in Eritrea and Ethiopia by providing communication through brochures in Amharic, Oromigna, and Tigrinya about the importance of breast cancer awareness, self-test steps, benefits of early detection, and availability of mammogram screenings

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